Approximately 2,300 children under 5 years old are lost every single day in Nigeria alone

Our App is guaranteed to reduce the infant and under 5 mortality rates in developing countries.



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The Solution | HealthCare Trends

Health Care Monitoring Made Simple

Healthcare Trends is a non-profit company in Iowa City that has developed a mobile Windows software application which combines an on-line and off-line electronic medical record (EMR), automated reminders and a patient identification system into one package.

All In 1

Our application keeps everything in one place by combining on-line and off-line electronic medical records (EMR).

Automated Reminders

We have integrated reminders to improve the surveillance of neonatal diseases, immunization utilization, birth defects and early detection of developmental delay.

Patient ID System

Our patient identification system helps to ensure long term monitoring of pediatric health and improves efficacy and efficiency of treatment at a low cost.

Children in Nigeria That Die Every Year
Neonatal Fatalities Each Year in Nigeria Alone
Children For Every Doctor

Why Do We Lose So Many Children?

With the ratio of one doctor to over 2,000 children, the task of communication with mothers can be overwhelming. This leads to poor outcomes, life-long disabilities, and lower childhood survival rates that could be avoided through better doctor-mother communication.

  • Mothers with sick or injured children seldom follow up on directed care or clinic visits
  • Children seldom receive checkups that could uncover and treat health problems
  • Children often do not receive routine immunization
  • Children with birth defects are rarely brought to the hospital for follow-ups

The Messaging Process

The setup and messaging process is a simple, 3-step solution.


Mother gives birth and is discharged from the hospital


Information on birth date, date of discharge, sex of the child, phone number, email address are collected at discharge from the hospital.

Software Communication

This information is stored onto our App and can be accessed by phone, text, or email.

Supporting the University of Benin Teaching Hospital Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

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We just launched a crowdfunding campaign to help: raise awareness for the cause and raise money to help the kids. The more money that is raised means more children can be helped. The money raised will go towards lowering the cost of implementing and maintaining the app in order to help more children in developing nations.


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